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One question we get a lot: Is Wordpress a good or bad CMS

  • Wordpress

    Arguably the most popular CMS. Wordpress is can be a great tool but not for every job. Here are some pros and cons to Wordpress:


    • Quick to setup / Cheaper

      Wordpress has been around for a long time and over that time it has been turned into a very simple to setup website package. This makes the development process a lot quicker for us and cheaper for you. Most novice developers are only Wordpress developers. This is because its easy to setup and easy to customize. This can also causes issues we will address in the cons.

    • Great Admin tools

      Out of the box Wordpress has a great looking administrative panel. This allows developers to focus more about handling your content and less about managing it.


    • Not the tool for every job

      While Wordpress does have its place just it is not always the right tool for the job. That causes a problem with developers who only know Wordpress. They only know that so they only use it. Wordpress does a lot right out of the box. That is also one of its downsides. That means everything it can do but the developer is not using is extra bloat in the code that adds overhead that is not needed. If you are looking for a basic simple site Wordpress is great. If you want high performance and low overhead Wordpress may not be the best choice. It still can be if the developer you hire takes the time to remove un-needed code property customizing Wordpress for your needs.

    • Performance

      If Wordpress is completely customized the performance is not much too of a concern. That being said, I have run benchmarks with a shared database doing the exact processes with custom queries using Wordpress and a non-Wordpress customized CMS. Wordpress performed worse in every test I ran.

    • Easy to do poorly

      Wordpress makes it very easy to setup and add plugins. This means it is very easy to install poorly made plugins and weigh down your site

    • Hacking ( not really a con )

      Wordpress has been looked down upon because there are those who say it is easily hacked. This is not really true. Wordpress has a majority in the web development world. This makes it look as though it is hacked more than others. If you set up Wordpress properly, have quality security, and use proper passwords Wordpress is no less secure than most other options available.

What is the difference between the different Content management systems?

This answer could go on and on. We will try and answer it with a short and sweet response.

There are so many Content management systems out today it is almost impossible to know and work with them all. We have also found that a lot of websites refer to frameworks as "Content management systems". There is a difference between a framework and a Content management system. We work mostly with frameworks and use that framework to make a Content management system for our clients.

A framework is a coding base that developers use to more quickly create web applications and custom content management systems.

A Content Management system is what administrators use to manage content, hence the name.

We create custom content management systems for clients using one of a few preferred frameworks. We do this because it has the bare minimum code base and therefore overhead is low and performance is high. As for pre-packed content management systems there are many. A few Major ones are:

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

So now the actual question. What is the difference? The short and sweet answer is the user interface. If you have used and like one, you usually just want to stick with that. There is not much you can do with one that you can not do with another if you have a developer working with you. Each one does do different things out of the box but you almost always want to have customization added by a developer. If you are using a major CMS the differences, other than aesthetics, are going to be minimal. If you go with a custom CMS based on a framework everything can be different. But going the custom framework route will be more time consuming and therefore more costly.

What is https?


https (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the secure version of http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). When you go to a site you start with the protocol ( http://www ). As of late there has been a lot of security issues being brought to the forefront of the news. What we suggest is that if you have a basic site that is purely informative with no contact forms go with HTTP. If not, use HTTPS. This can add costs but allows you and those who visit your site to feel all warm inside knowing you have a certified https site :).